The all-new Chevrolet Spark

The all-new Spark city car will light up Chevrolet showrooms in Europe (in Indonesia 2016) in the first quarter of 2010. In addition to a head-turning edgy and expressive design, the five-door five-seater offers exceptional levels of space, practicality and maneuverability.

The Chevrolet History

Chevrolet, informally described as Chevy and officially the Chevrolet Department of General Motors Business, is an American car division of the American manufacturer General Motors (GM). Louis Chevrolet and ousted General Motors founder William C. Durant began the company on November 3, 1911 as the Chevrolet Motor Cars And Truck Company. Durant used the Chevrolet Motor Automobile Business to acquire a controlling stake in General Motors with a reverse merger taking place on May 2, 1918 and moved himself back to the GM presidency. After Durant’s second ousting in 1919, Alfred Sloan, with his maxim “a vehicle for each purse and purpose,” would select the Chevrolet brand to end up being the volume leader in the General Motors family, selling mainstream vehicles to take on Henry Ford’s Design T in 1919 and surpassing Ford as the best-selling vehicle in the United States by 1929

Other Side of Chevrolet

Chevrolet is also producing v8 machine for motorcycle.

A Boss Hoss motorcycle

Manager Hoss Cycles is an American bike maker, established by Monte Warne in 1990 and based in Dyersburg, Tennessee. The business manufactures unique high-performance bikes and trikes equipped with V8 engines, produced by Chevrolet, varying in size from 350 cubic inches (5.7 liters) to 502 cubic inches (8.2 liters), geared up with semi-automatic transmissions, making them without a doubt the most effective motorcycles in the world. By the mid-1990s, Boss Hoss was offering 300 automobiles each year. [1] Since 2006, Employer Hoss has offered over 4,000 vehicles

For Indonesian

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